GET TO KNOW Nicholas La Terza

Prior to The Point Media: Landscape Entertainment, Executive Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs - Was responsible for theatrical features: Largo Entertainment, Head of Business Affairs; New World Pictures, General Counsel/Head of Business Affairs; Alliance Atlantis Entertainment; Sidley & Austin, Partner at international law firm.

Affiliations: Teaches entertainment law at Pepperdine Law School; Member of UCLA Entertainment Law Symposium Committee, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Cool to Know: In his prior life, Nick was a screenwriter and professional keyboardist/singer, and still plays occasional piano bar gigs in Southern California.

/ What are you passionate about in your practice?

Intellectual property law, especially copyrights. Also, I am a movie buff and fan of outstanding television series and television movies and miniseries.  I enjoy being directly involved in the business and legal sides of these programs.

/ What’s been said about you that makes you feel proud?

I was smart but tough. Once I had agreed on a point, I could be trusted not to go back on my word.

/ Strangest deal you’ve worked on?

I did a deal for a major motion picture actress who insisted on unlimited quantities of Evian water in her trailer - seems the woman washes her hair with it.

/ Share an example of your working style.

If I’m working on an independent feature production with a first time producer, and if asked, I offer practical advice - beyond technical legal counsel - drawn from my 30 years of experience.

/ Favorite lawyer moment in a movie?

Paul Scofield’s soliloquy in the trial of Sir Thomas Moore in “A Man For All Seasons.”  He eloquently defends his right to have dissented to Henry VIII’s first divorce and remarriage. Scofield and the film won Oscars.